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For those that feel masturbation/sex makes your skin worse

Hey everyone.

I started this topic not to get a debate going as to weather masturbation makes acne worse.

At least for my acne, it does make it a lot worse.

I tried not going with "me and my hand tonight" for 10 days and it cleared me up, so i know my issue is harmonal. (as well as diet and digestion related as well to a lesser extent)

I have done some reading online, and some articles state, for those guys with high harmone levels, we may be putting too much stress on our adrenals by overdoing it.

Either that, or perhaps our skin is very sensitive to the conversion of testosterone afterwards.

For those of us that feel that sexual activity makes acne worse, were you able to resolve it by "giving things a rest" for a good month or so, and then resuming at a lower pace then before, or did the acne just came back again once resumed.

I thought my harmones would balance out after 20, but i feel i have the same overloading harmone level at 28 then i had when i was 18, and it shows in my face. :rolleyes:

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Hmm I read this on here before. It's interesting, but I think a lot of it's in our heads. We don't expect the expected and then we feel that one of our actions contributed to our problems.

It's interesting though if it cleared you up. If you're getting laid big whoop.

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maybe not masturbation per se (but its possible), though the same hormonal state that makes one have an uncontrollable sex drive 24/7 and therefore masturbate alot is also a hormonal state that promotes acne. So maybe not causastion, but correlation.

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