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How long is accutane in your blood for?

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i missed my daily dosage of accutane for 10 days now, and i wont be able to get it for another 4 or 5 days, are these 2 weeks gonna be a problem? or the accutane is still in my blood, ive been on it 3 months now

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i asked my derm this exact question. It takes 2 days for Isotentirin (ACCUTANE) to get our of ur blood stream. It takes up to a month to see ur side effects decrease and overall redness.

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sucks ive been on accutane 3 months, then stoped for 2 weeks cause i dont have the money for it, now im breaking out bad

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If accutane is out of your system after only 2 days, why do people continue to report improvement weeks or months after they finish the treatment?

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crm6360 honestly think about ur question. the reason accutane is a long treament is because its physically altering your body permanently. Shrinking the acne causing glands. You cant shrink them over night, so thats why it takes long, and thats why improvement is very slow when ur on it.

the whole reason that accutane treatments run from 4 to 6 months is because thats what the estimated time it takes to for ur body to change. so if u basically stop early and ur glands havent decreased, that means there gonna grow back stronger = more acne.

DONT BE STUPID GUYS.. order more shit before you finish a pack.

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