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Telogen effluvium?

I've read a lot of stuff online about hair loss on accutane (both here and using google). I'm guessing that most ppl who have good experiences don't end up coming back to write about the, so I keep that in mind when reading posts.

I've heard a lot about telogen effluvium and how hairs can get forced into the resting state because of what accutane does to the body and then a couple of months later these hairs get forced out as new hair starts to grow and hence you get a lot of shedding. Most websites seem to say that this takes a few months and that's why a lot of ppl don't experience the thinning until after their course.

In my situation though I lost a lot of hairs from the beginning. I wonder if some of this was due to the dryness of my hair and I've started trying to combat how dry my hair/scalp gets. But I was wondering how accutane could cause me to start losing hair so early on in the course?

Any ideas?

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It depends, some people experience temporary hair loss due to dry scalp but some might go through telogen effluvium which last no more than six months unless it is chronic telogen effluvium, but the good news is, the hair will almost certainly regrow after six months except for the chronic one which may last up to seven years. There is another type of accutane induced hairloss which is diffuse alopecia areata, this will be the worst one can experience because it may last forever due to scalp inflammation.

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