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Need Acne Advice( People with Accutane I have a question for you)

Want to start off by saying that I am new to this forum in terms of signing up but I have read many topics this year.(SORRY FOR LONG POST)( NEED HELP AND ADVICE)

Age: 18


Had Moderate acne for the last 3 years now

Alright Type of Acne( I feel like no one else in the world has this >.<)

I get like whiteheads like maybe once a day

INCREDIBLY OILY T-ZONE. I THINK I HAVE THE MOST OILY FACE IN THE WORLD IM NOT JOKING.( However after every time I wash my face around my mouth, chin, and cheeks get a bit dry.... but my T-ZONE DOESNT STOP AT ANYTHING) I sometimes put vaseline around my mouth and a bit on my chin, but I am honestly not a fan of lotion/moisturizers.

All my friends think I am a freak by the amount of oil I produce. I think I even might be the next source for fuel.

Anyways...... my acne forms just about anywhere on my face but almost never on my forehead which is surprising since its SO OILY!!!!. I swear my nose and my forehead ARE SO DAMN OILY I just can't say it enough.

To Sum It up:

Incredibly Oily T-Zone

Occasional Whiteheads(prominent areas- jawline/chin, sometimes near mouth, cheek)(whiteheads aren't that big but sometimes can get cystic(rare))

No Blackheads

Face Tone is pretty bad

Now I have starting using Dan's Regiment a couple weeks ago and its decent.... I used proactive for a while but the whole toner idea was awful. I hated having to spread that juice on my face...bad friction...

Well let me start my history on products...

Tried basically everything except accutane....

Was hard enough to have parents that let me go on minocyl(..) which didn't do much, even after long term use of almost a year.100mg

Now I am the kind of person that cares a lot about his appearance and my self esteem has gotten pretty low. And when I say this I mean for the last 2 years.... I have a hard time looking people straight in the eyes not so much b/c of the actual zits but b/c of the oil and uneven skin tone.

What I do now a days is just wash my face in the morning with nothing just water.... afternoon this cleaner with all these vitamins... its a natural cleaner... then a honey mask.... and at night dan's regiment.

My history with vitamins( this is where I need help, but not limited to... I need help for whatever I can get lol?? if that made sense?)

Started the adventure with Vitamin B5.

when I started I thought I was a miracle. My friends thought I went on accutane cause they couldn't believe how clear my face was and how beautiful my skin tone was. At that point I was taking about 5 grams a day if I remember properly. My skin was still sorta oily but the oil was much finer and thinner and easier to deal with. (btw I was taking it all with multivitamins)

The problem that arose: My hair was getting killed... I mean I had BIG THICK NICE HAIR and it went dead. I lost a good amount of hair, slower hair growth, thinner hair,etc etc. Therefore I decided to slow down the dosage to 1-2g... which still messed up my hair..... but did a decent job in keeping me clear.....This summer came along and I was taking about 1g a day in italy for about a month and I was decently satisfied.....

When I came back to the US my acne has gone worse but I don't want to take b5 b/c its killing my hair..........

THIS IS MY REAL CONCERN question to people who have taken accutane.

For the past month I have begun taking.

1g- b5 (to keep my oil SOMEWHAT BIG SOMEWHAT in check)

50mg of Zinc ( the multivitamins have zinc too but I feel like it does nothing when its together in the multi)

Now it gets interesting,

I also started taking about 80,000UI of vitamin A to try and reenact Accutane somewhat. (Please refrain from leaving posts saying accutane and vit A are not the same thing, I know that).

Ever since I started this I have broken out like never before... but it's not that severe. I can be strong and go through breakouts but my biggest concern and what I dont understand is that although my face is getting a little drier, my T-zone is still a mess producing oil at free will, hence why I have to take b5 or I'll literally kill myself from the amount of oil being produced. ( Should I keep taking the Vit A or what??o.0... Plus I exaggerated.. the Ib and the current breakouts I currently have aren't THAT bad... but when I was on b5 I rarely got more than 2 pimples a week.... and they were small sorta... now its like 3-4 at a time, whiteheads).

This post is ridiculously long and probably filled with typos and grammar issues. If anyone could read this and help me in some way I would appreciate it more than they could believe. I left a lot out... but let me just say this: My acne (in terms of zit count and cysts) isn't all that bad but its the oil and skin tone that just kills me... it makes the few whiteheads that I have look all nasty and oily .....

Oh and I haven't shaved in over a month... >.< because of my fuken acne... I'm a scardy cat when it comes to touching my face... you could imagine how scared I am of shaving......Oh well... I am waiting for me to get clearer so that I can trim lol, I can't even shave tbh but I don't feel like mowing down whiteheads.

Alright feeels good to have this out in the open.

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, and people who are experienced with accutane wtf is going on with the vitamin A? if anything I think it has made my T-zone more oily....???? GAH



P.s. I started getting HUGE whiteheads when I was 14 I mean huge and infectious whiteheads. At this point my face was as dry as a baby's butt, but my pimples were very infectious(I only got like once in a while though... I didn't care at all)( I was 14 and all I did was hang around and play a lot of sports... I barely even looked at my face .... oh... and interestingly when I was 14 I remember in the shower I would NEVER wash my face....something im considering doing again... o.0??). I mean I remember sometimes I would squeeze them and there would be pus everywhere... I know nasty.... Slowly that calmed down and my face started getting much and much more oily until 3 years later here I am. Oh and just for kicks, One day I got this HUGE GINORMOUS, GIGANTIC, BEASTLY, whitehead on the tip of my Nose. THIS THING WAS A beast!!! and I had to go around in school, high school with this HUGE THING ON MY NOSE.. It was like a volcano.... Man that was a bad week at school......... I literally couldn't walk with my face looking foward....and to make it worse... some idiots even made some comments about it....I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO GO ON A EUROTRIP for the last 2 years but because of my F&*(#^[email protected]&*#@^#*&^ ken Acne I havent been to travel with my friends or enjoy my summers in italy as much. I tried to not drink acohol b/c of acne but I did maybe once a month b/c I couldn't bare to see all my friends having fun and not me... I actually attribute acne to me not smoking a lot. believe it or not I have been smoking cigarettes on and off ever since I was 15 but always casually cause my face always comes first so I never got addicted. Like if my face was not clear I wouldn't dare to even be near smoke... unless I was drunk... then I couldnt help but to have a cigarette..!! I FEEEL LIKE I WASTED MY FREAKEN TEENAGE YEARS FREAKEN ACNE SUCKS

P.S number 2

I had bad chiken pox when I was young that left a decent amount of scars which really suck... its nothing that big but I have a few "holes" in my face that I don't really mind b/c it always gave me a differnet interesting look, but now with oily skin it dilates the wholes and just makes my skin tone look all nasty and filthy. I have a friend in LA who took accutane with great results but his hair is suffering. I also have a friend in Brazil that came to vist me that took accutane and he told me that in Brazil A LOT of the teenagers take accutane... I mean like if anyone has acne there, boom they hand them accutane... which was very interesting to hear....Im a bit scared of taking accutane myself, besides the fact that my parents wouldnt never let me start it...

P.S. Number 3

I AM CRAZY OVEROBBSESSIVE ABOUT MY ACNE. I can't play sports now b/c of it, or rather I don't because I sweat like a beast. I don't Wear sweaters b/c I don't like brushing my cheecks while putting it on. I only wear jackets... uhhh change pillow case once a week... uhh once again, don't like to sweat.. and I mean that... like if its hot outside I won't go out in the afternoon with my friends... cause I don't like sweating and not being able to wash my face... yeah im retarded >.<

As of today I am stopping the Vit A treament because after 3 weeks and no improvement, if anything more breakouts and skin more oily. As of right now I am just going to take Multivitamins, zinc, and 2grams of b5 even though it will hurt my hair

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hey im in the same boat as you but maybe a little less oily skin from what u described. and i dont think i have any advice to help which i am sorry for but did b5 really work for your skin? because i do not mind going bald as long as my acne is gone lol. and also my genes suggest i should have strong hair throughout my life

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you say you been to a doctor ...... did you see a dermatologist?

I saw a doctor some years ago ..... he was a pussy and was scared to treat me with anything, like taking drugs was a big deal ..... i finally got over ignoring my problems and booked into see a skin specialist, BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. Don't waste another day if you haven't seen a dermatologist. Use the strongest medicine they offer.

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I saw a dermatologist last year... like a very qualified Dermatologist.... In Beverly Hills.... and she was such a rip. She would literally make me wait like an hour++ to see her even with an appointment then when i finally saw her it was for like 5-10mins max. She just prescribed me mino and this strong ass benzo cleaner which sucked cause it make my skin so DRY that it would then do oily.... I then went to a physician... he put me off mino b/c he thought that 11months on Mino was suicide..... and none of them thought accutane was necessary which I sorta agree.....But yeah B5 works for me pretty well... but I love my hair... I mean when I was young and like a couple years ago my hair was beautiful..... nice thick and blah iono but a lot of people would always compliment my hair... it was really nice.... now its kinda thinned out etc etc. I am starting to use just b5 and zinc now as well as Vit E 400UI and multivitamins.... but like blah iono......... I am considering trying Saw Palmetto... b/c I really feel like my acne is hormonal... I will get some this weekend and let you guyz know if that stops the oiliness that is being produced in my T-zone.... Its like seborrhea or something cause its so freaken much

On and by the way, Thanks for the post... Anything you guyz say can help me.... it's just support and I appreciate it

Oh and campcky21

b5 worked great for me first time around... like incredibly... but my dosage was pretty high.. something like 4-5g... Now I do like 2grams... I mean it works but its not a cure its a treatment so it keeps me in check... like if I stop taking it I start getting all these tiny pimples on my forehead for some reason...which as I explained earlier I never have anything on my forehead and rarely something on nose... the parts that produce the most oil... go figure. Anyways about the hair comment... I would consider having my hair ruined if b5 was a cure but its a treatment.. so it's not really worth it... thats why I try to keep it at 2grams which is already bad enough for my hair.

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