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It's been awhile since I have blogged, I have had major friggin' breakouts and major issues with ingrown hairs...I hate those lil' shits!

Anyways I have been fishing around on this site and I am now trying.....(Dont Laugh)......Head & Shoulders (Anti Dandruff Clean and Balanced Shampoo) as a face wash and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot gel on my skin after wards.... I couldnt find a 'normal' Head and Shoulders so will

stick with this dandruff one lol, atleast I can use it on my hair as well as my face...

My skin is alittle dry and red, once I wash my face with the shampoo I have to put cream onto my face, it stings abit, is abit red andreals tight....I cant utmuch ofthe rapid gel on either cause it dries out my face and leaves white peeling stuff all over it...

If anyone has tried either two products let me know.....

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I haven't tried any of these products, but I use to use celson blue moisturizing shampoo for a dandruffy scalp. It healed my scalp. Then I asked hey why can't I use this on my face kind of the same concept.

I read on the celson blue site that the shampoo is for external use only, and don't apply on open areas (acne). That was basically said for all their products.

Yet they sell a medicated shampoo that a friend of mine used to cure a big zit on his head. It worked. Who knows maybe this could be put to use to work for acne.

I don't know though if the harsh chemicals, etc are recommended for use on the face. Celson blue and head and shoulders. Look into the contents of the shampoo.

If you're getting dry it's not necessarily a bad product for your face. It takes time to get use to things. To cure my dandruff it took about a month.

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