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If you could choose where you get acne, where would you pick?

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It seems that at the underarms would hurt...

Me? Um. Haha...there really isn't any good place to have acne. I guess lower back. Easy to treat, pretty discreet, and I don't think skin there is too sensitive to scarring.

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Weird, xD when I first saw this:

1st thought: Under feet. (afterthought: PAINNNN!)

2nd thought: underarms (afterthought: Paiin!!)

Hm...I think it's pretty well located on the face personally, since it really motivates to find a way to get rid of it you know? While at the same time is in a relatively not painful area.

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haha. pimple on the butt is embarassing, especially if its bad enough to have to see a doctor.

I would say, behind the ear. Whoever would think to look there! Having long hair helps too

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I was thinking about this the other day. For me, I'd pick a really discreet location like my underarms. What would you choose?

Somewhere in my stomach where they'd be exposed. Let them try to deal with a constant pH of 2. :ninja:

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I would move all the acne I have on my face to my back.

I think if it were to be on my back it wouldn't look as bad because it would be more spread out, plus it's almost winter so no one would see anyways.

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Id definately have it on my friend.

Shoot, I'd totally banish it to my worst enemy. That'd teach him.

I've always thought I'd way rather have acne on my butt than on my face though. Even in a swimsuit, it wouldn't have to show.

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