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Accutane Strange dry feelings

Hi there,

I have been off accutane for 6 years now...

I have managed to keep any acne at bay, which is only occasionaly, without much treatment. I still wash with cetaphil and moisturise because my skin is still dry and fragile. This is actually quite frustrating, because I have also been left with scarring and redness on my face in and around the scars. I won't get into my disappointment with this, but it is a worse situation than the acne. I took 40mg for 6 months from age 16.5-17...

Still now I get the dry skin, and also A STRANGE FEELING ALMOST INSIDE MY HEAD. I am not sure what it is, or if it is in fact a dry forehead and scalp, but it certainly feels like it is inside my head! My eyes can get irritated as well. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by this feeling of extreme dryness and irritation which is present in my face, lips, eyes, and 'inside head.' I must admit I seem more prone to this following showering after my skin is cleansed, so have considered it is a dry skin feeling, but it seems almost more internal. I am not sure what this is, and have only more recently been considering allergies or rosacea-type problems rather than simply dry skin...

If anyone knows anthing about this I would love to hear about it. Thanks!

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