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Can I stop taking accutane after a month?

Hi all,

I'm 24, male.

I used to get 3 or 4 big purplish nodular acnes occasionally on my face, especially near the cheek bone area and sometimes on the forehead and used to stay for a long time. They leave scars and its very frustrating. I ordered acne solution kit online in which the main ingredient in acne gel was salicylic acid. It worked for a month well and then my acne started to burst like never before. I stopped using that kit but my acne didn't pull back. They got worse. If I take antibiotics, they go away but come back with the same intensity after I stop taking them. I waited for 4 months and my acne didn't get better. So, I wanted to try accutane but I couldn't afford accutane prescription.

I could get the sotret tablets (which will last for 5 months) with prescription from India from one of my friend coming to US. Before I started taking sotret, I took amoxicillin 500mg for 5 days. My acne cleared up pretty much and after 4 days, I started taking sotret. I weigh 138 pounds and I took 30mg per day (10mg in the afternoon and 20mg at night). From the day I started taking sotret (generic version of accutane manufactured by Ranbaxy, an Indian company), I never had any breakouts except one or two which were very small and went away quickly. When I was taking sotret, I never had any problems except for cracking of lips. It has been exactly one month for now. Yesterday, I forgot to take the tablet in the afternoon and so, I took it in the evening at about 5pm. I drank strong coffee after 3 hours of taking the 10mg tablet. After a couple of hours of drinking coffee, I started to feel very very uncomfortable, very nauseous. I don't know why, I started feeling very tensed. My heartbeat was very high. There was no pain in my abdomen but I could tell that the problem is in my abdomen. I could tell that there was some problem near my stomach and liver area. I couldn't sleep until 5am that night. I know coffee keeps you awake. But I never had this kinda problem before. If I wanted to sleep, I could fall asleep even after drinking coffee.

I don't drink coffee regularly. I drink it only when I have to study. I'm sure I had the same kinda strong coffee before and didn't have problems. Yesterday night, when I was in trouble, I suspected that my liver or something was being damaged and decided to stop taking the tablets. The thing is, I cannot go for a checkup here because I do not have a prescription from a US doctor.

I have read on various brochures on accutane



which say "If the total nodule count has been reduced by more than 70% prior to completing 15 to 20 weeks of treatment, the drug may be discontinued."

My question is, since I did not get any nodular acne since I started taking accutane (from a month), can I discontinue the drug? I read posts on this forum and elsewhere where many people say they saw very good results in the first month but still continued taking the drug until 6 months.

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i would say a month isnt enough you will relapse pretty quick i would of thought. you usually need 3-6 mths treatment.

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If your liver is acting up because of the drug then yes stop but I hate to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that your acne is likey going to come back. 1 month of taking the meds is not enough, normal courses are usually 5 months.

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Has anyone stopped after 1 month? If so, what happened to your acne? I'm curious because I was forced to stop after 1 month due to liver problem in blood test.

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