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My quest to clearness!

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Hello! I've had acne since puberty but I haven't really taken care of it or anything till maybe senior year or so, it just progressively got worse and worse till the state I am now. I have many red marks/acne scars mostly with the occasional breakout.

I've tried Proactive (which didnt do anything for me), Obagi's Clenziderm Acne Kit, and some other over-the-counter stuff!

I dont really have that many zits I have mostly red spots/acne scars... (At least I think so)

I'm currently using Clearogen and I like it so far! It 's evened out my skin tone a bit and some of the breakouts I have are disappearing.

What should I use for acne scars/red spots? I suppose I shall check out that section in the forums!

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Check out the scar section. But, by personal opinion i recommend you slow down a bit as far as worrying about scar treatments. Wait until you can get your skin back into a consistent state. Anyway though, I use a Micro-dermabrasion cloth. It's cheap, easy, and not too drastic.

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Started Clearogen again and my skin isnt getting irritated anymore so I'm happy about that, I'm sure to use moisturizer anyway

Skin tone was going sour once i stopped using Clearogen for a few days but its going back down once I started again

Currently my sleeping habits are poor, probably contributing to bad skin

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Thanks HouseofZits!

No major changes, I had a small break out on my cheek & chin but those cleared up rather quickly. My dad said my acne was getting better but I of course think nothing has changed! I noticed that my skin-tone has smoothed out a lot not as bumpy as it was.

Sometimes I miss a day of Clearogen because I stay up all night and I don't want to use the product during the day when the sun is out. I feel like my skin takes a step back on those days. Dryness has came down a bit but still need that moisturizer for sure!

I have a small weird bump to the side of my nose, its not a pimple or zit, seems like its underneath the skin? Its very strange anyone have any ideas what it may be?

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