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A new perspective on acne

I was thinking the other day about humans. They act and think like any other animal because, technically speaking, they are one -- albeit a highly advanced, highly retarded creature. Given all primitive and instinctual behaviors such as anxiety, mating, "hunting", communication, etc., it's no wonder they fuck up a lot. Acne complicates things so much because a lot of emphasis is put on looks, at least in this culture. They can't "see" someone's personality, therefore face/body become just as important. Initially, they are drawn to whatever looks nice, but interaction makes or breaks the relationship. Acne is a "disadvantage" in most people's eyes, but eventually they learn to see beyond it. It's merely a biological phenomenon that has become so common; it's practically "human". People shouldn't let it ruin their personalities so much.

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Acne is often portrayed as a personality trait though, from comics through to novels, TV and film.

A bad complexion is seen as a manifestation of poor health, timidness, geekdom, poor hygiene, laziness, depression, apathy, amongst other things. It's a social norm that acne has become so wound up and intertwined with our character and while it truly should not matter to the sufferers themselves, others still hold their accepted prejudices. I agree though, when you start believing yourself inferior, not in terms of physical attractiveness but in terms of your personality its a great shame and loss for that person.

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Yeah, lots of stereotypes. That's what happens to a culture saturated in media. There's still hope, though. As people age, they learn to think on their own, be independent and challenge those norms. The appearance is personality debate is tricky because everybody judges everyone. No escaping that. But like I said, we can educate ourselves.

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