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What foods to eat on my work break

Hi guys. i'm on the regimen, but i can't help but feel some of the stuff i eat is just breaking me out still.

I go cinema every monday/tuesday with mates, and since i barely ever cook (rely on parents!) i am always a bit hungry so burgerking/macdonalds are just there, waiting to be visited!

I try not to, but sometimes i just can't lol

Now i'm not overweight, by far i'm not i have a very high metabolism, i play county tennis and cricket, and coming to camp America next year to teach tennis! (Just thought i'd say hehe) High league football etc etc

Now, what i eat on my work breaks (i work in the biggest supermarket chain) is a sandwhich of somesort, normally chicken/bacon/avacado or Salmon and lettuce etc, but this is prepacked so i don't know just how good it is, a little bottle of tropicano orange, and some crisps.

Basically, what can i eat on my break (baring on mind, i am saving money for america!) i mostly have red marks/scars left on my face, with the odd spot, as i've only been on the regimen a few weeks. I am thinking, buy a pot of fruit salad along with a packet of brazil nuts, but i can't think what else really, that is filling enough to last me to finish my shift off!

Thanks in advance, sorry for the long post.

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I would avoid bacon. ^^

Yes get nuts. Is good for you.

Cashew raw , brazil nut , and almond.. dunno what else

just don't eat to much. , cashew makes my stomach bad :(

Ezekiel bread is good , still taste great not toasted.

u could add almond butter raw to the bread ^^

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What's wrong with bacon? After it's cooked, it goes from 200 or so calories per 2 slives to about 45 (checked the back). Plus, you drain the fat if you grill it.

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Ok, so i'll buy tropicana orange drink with bits, brazil nuts, and try to find something with salad in it, if not i'll stick to salmon sandwhich?

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I can't not eat anything lol that would be worse.

I have a 30 minute break, so it's substantial, if i didn't eat i would get very hungry on the shift and then moody because of it.

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