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Quitting/Finishing Accutane while still breaking out

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Will my acne return to my initial state if I quit/finish accutane while still breaking out?

I used to get 1-2 cysts in a month (always same spots), but now I get 2-3 a week and they're randomly distributed on my face... Let just say I look hideous right now, much worst than before... Im already on 100/120 days....

I've lost all faith in accutane and I don't expect to be completely clear, I just want things to be how they were when i started... It feels like accutane had "stirred up" acne from my cheek (never had a single zit on my cheek before!), and now I am getting a million of them... I can feel the buldges of acne on the other side with my tongue.. :wall: I think they're scarring too..

Believe me, I am a pretty optimistic guy... I think now I know why accutane makes people depressed :cry:

Help please!!

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Accutane is useless, it helps for a while but acne will be back within months or years if you are lucky, but of course it is so much effective compares to all those oral antibiotics which helps for a while but then stop working and develop antibiotic resistance thereafter.

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Try not to fret Tazzor my friend is a nurse and says that you can clear completely once you are done with your course. I am hoping this stands true because I am in my 150+ days of my course and just like you my cheeks look a mess. I never had acne there before and now my right side has exploded with comedones. It sucks but I am staying positive, it is much easier to get through life when thinking positively about every tiny little thing. I wish you the best!

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Every time I see my derm he just says "Oh your skin got a lot better", or "Oh yes everything will clear up soon"... He sees me once every couple months so he doesn't even remember what my skin looks like....

Devendra, can you feel acne on the other side of your cheek (with your tongue)? It just feels so much more severe because even when acne goes down, I can still feel them hiding under my skin.

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