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My regimen logs with Dan's BP

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Just picked up Acne.org 16oz BP treatment today from the post office. Here's what I think so far pre-using the product.


Smooth, speedy and easy, really like how there are options to choose from for postal services.


Again, impressed with the choices. I ordered it 5 days ago, the time line for shipping is 4 to 6 days and I got it in 5 days with a weekend in between! Tracking the item through online web site also save me time driving to the post office daily.

The treatment bottle (BP) is in shrink wrap, I thought Dan don't shrink wrap them anymore??? This probably was the first time ever I couldn't wait to get home and put white liquid all over my face lol. I'm going to take a photo before applying BP then keep track of my progress and let you know. I've got moderate acne with occasional bad breakouts. Which has been quite under control (no further breakout) since I started using Clean & Clear moisturizer for the past 2 weeks. Too bad the product was discontinued.

Current regimen products are.

Wash: Dermalogica special cleansing gel and Cetaphil gentle cream cleanser depends how hot or cool the day is.

Treatment: Dan's BP, haven't started yet will be using it tonight.

Moisturizer: Clean & Clear oil-free active clear, one of the only two moisturizer that won't make me have breakout. And I breakout because of moisturizer, not because I don't apply moisturizer. The other one would be Dermalogica oil control lotion but the price is ridiculous it's not funny.

Do I apply BP to the whole face and neck area under my chin? Anyway more updates later.

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Day 3

I've been really busy in the past two days attending interviews for a new job so I didn't update the log. I've got another important interview tomorrow and I've got a fairly big zit on my left cheek ahhhhhhhh! Really hope it will go away :(

My face has been dealing quite well with BP on day 1 and 2, I put on a pump of BP. But today when I wake up I can see my skin is getting flaky and a zit that was almost non-existent before now shows itself up pretty big. I am very tempted to pop it in the shower but I don't know if I should just leave it and apply lots of BP on it or not??? Overall my skin tone is not quite even, it seems the areas I applied BP has lightened up. So it looks like I've got bright cheeks and forehead :wall: lol

My skin feels a lot smoother and I can see small raised lumps on my face, look as if they're pimples but sort of not I'm not sure what the hell it is. I'll apply a full pump tonight and concentrate on the zits hopefully they will flatten or should I just pop them? Will let you know how it looks tomorrow.

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Be patient...it takes a while to see results. I recommend that you read through the what to expect page.

What to expect

Oh, and I highly recommend that you get a stronger moisturizer. You'll see that your usual moisturizer just won't be enough. But hang in there and in a couple of months you won't be able to recognize yourself.

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Day 4

Thanks for the encouragement, something that big didn't pop up before so I am thinking BP probably brought it up somehow. Everyone seems to be using this Olay Complete SPF 15 Sensitive Skin, I went looking at a few pharmacies and supermarket and none sell them. Going to look at more places today, my face feels really dry I probably put too much BP on last night (a full pump). I put a lot of Clean & Clear moisturizer on but it still look and feels dry! Need the Olay..

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One full pump by day 4? Ramp it up a little slower...trust me! Skin really takes a while to get used to BP. The Olay is good for day, but still not strong enough for night. If you can order online I recommend Dan's moisturizer. If not, cetaphil, or olay + jojoba oil will work. Oh, and don't fret if you feel and look like a snake shedding in a day or so. It happens to everyone (at least me) on the regimen. Just stick it out and it will pay off.

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I agree, going to have to slow down silly me :) With Dan's BP do we apply it in the morning after washing face then apply it again at night?

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It feels like it's been such a long time, today my face seems slightly bit red. Now I understand what everyone were saying about flakiness and dryness. Went out for drinks with my friends last night, some random person chucked a funny joke and I laughed so hard I could feel the skin on my face tightened up to the point where it did feel sort of hurt :doh: lol

Clean & Clear moisturizer didn't help even when I put so much on. So I went out and looked for Olay complete SPF 15 UV Protection - Sensitive. Washed my face, applied BP and put the Olay on and now my face is almost burning red!!!! It feels very hot too, Maybe I'm allergic to SPF, anyone ever had this happened to them? Going to wash it off and see if my tomato red face improves :(

As for the acne, I can see improvement on my forehead and center of my face but the cheeks and jawline still not really going anywhere.


Just washed off the Olay, it looks a little better now. My face was more red than when I had a bottle of red wine! :( Anyone care to suggest some other moisturizers? I'm not good with Cetaphil too, it make me break out really bad.

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You might want to try Cetaphil again...since your skin is so dry (only a nickel-sized amount). If you can't use Cetaphil...you are going to have a hard time with the flakes. You can also try Dan's moisturizer (it contains jojoba oil). I think that Dan's is great and it doesn't have SPF.

Just an FYI, Aloe made my face super red and sting so bad...everyone is different. Also, I think that most things will sting if the BP is still wet, you have to make sure it absorbs and dries completely before applying any moisturizer.

Oh, another option would be to mix a drop or two of jojoba oil with a basic moisturizer. Jojoba really helps with the flakes.

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Week 2 - Day 8

From what to expect page "Clearing, followed by a breakout. Skin is still red, irritated and itchy. Person is considering other options."

My face cleared up so, so, so little after week 1 finished and now I've got a breakout. I've got:

3 x Small bumps on my forehead

2 x Bumps look like they are going to form into pimples in my eyebrows!

20.. maybe more bumps and pimples along my jawlines and lower cheeks

1 x big zit to to the right of my mouth half way between my nose and my lips!

Facial redness, pale like a sick person, skin is either dry and dull and super flaky or shiny like waxed car when moisturizer is applied, any moisturizer burns like hell including Dan's moisturizer. Emotionally stressed, frustrated, stinging and itchiness. Keep thinking what have I done / doing to myself.

Applied BP between my eyebrows and really hope I'm imagining things because looks like some eyebrows have fallen off! Thought I'm meant to be clearing up on week 2 but it looks worse than before I started. Tired of the regimen but still doing it anyway.

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I just got a brand new bump that looks like it's going to form a cyst on my lower lip. Feeling painful and it makes my lower lip looks swollen. This is the first time in my life I'm getting a cyst on my lower lip, how come BP is causing something like this?

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Week 2 - Day 12

Some updates, I've stopped freaking out but still a little worried. The bump on my lip subsided after I consistently applied Vectavir (cold sore cream). Overall complexion on my face and neck seems pale with area behind the ears look a little burned. Dry under the eyes it almost look wrinkly. I'll put on A LOT of moisturizer in those areas and avoid BP on them.

I'm also quitting smoking to get healthier, don't know how much it will help with acne. Any former smokers experience?

I don't have much raised bumps from pimples like before but it there are plenty of spots and what appears to look break outs on my cheek. Hopefully this will all go away by week 3 :(

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Week 3 - Day 17

Improvement: 40% clear

Mood: Moderately happy

Following the regimen: 85%

Finally, I'm in the begining of week 3. Things are looking a lot more positive now I almost couldn't handle looking at myself at the beginning of week 2. It was so bloody tragic. Both my cheeks are not totally clear yet but it looks a lot better to the point where I did get some random comments from people that know know me saying 'your face is a lot clearer what's going on?' sort of questions.

I didn't want to use too much BP or I will run out, I'm using one full pump at the moment and it seems to be a good amount for me on week 3. Being over the moon happier with how I look I did neglect and went to sleep without washing face because I was so tired. Woke up and a little red small acne showed itself even more and I have another one on my hair line next to my right temple just above the ear. My face also adjusted to light amount of SPF in Olay moisturizer.

I've learned where 'not' to apply BP and now avoid BP anywhere close to my eye at all cost. I put BP around the back of my ear areas and this part if very sensitive it burned! The skin there looks darker, dry and flaky so I no longer put any BP there. Avoiding BP on my lips too, it's too harsh for the lips.

Overall it seems to be going well but sticking to regimen and not skipping it at this point seems to be the secret to this improvement. My face looks oily out in the sun, especially in hot Australian weather. But I rather have moisturizer shiny face than pimply shiny face.

Another great news is when I'm out with my friends having drinks my whole face gets red, and not red spots everywhere like a I have some sort of STD!!

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Week 4 - Day 22

Improvement: 40% clear still less small bumps replaced with a few small zits

Mood: Like, whatever!

Following the regimen: 95%

First day of week 4, I got tiny break out yesterday. Looking back at my progress so far I think it has been quit good. I had moderately sized zits, one on my right and one on my left cheeks, one along the jaw line on the left of my face. One red swollen spot next to my ear not sure yet if that's a bug's bite or acne but it itches pretty bad. A few old acne hardened up and when I run my finger over them gently they usual come off. Some I had to do very light squeeze to get them out. Might have something to do with my stress of job hunting as I'm pretty much stressed 75% of the time.

I'm on one and and quarter pump of BP twice a day. It feels like week 2 because it cleared up well and then looks like a breakout is coming back. I'm not sure if anyone experienced beginning of week 4 breakout or not? Going by What To Expect page, I should be using full amount of BP tonight (2 pumps if I'm right?). I'm a little worried if full amount will be too much since I've been using 1 pump on week 1 and 2, one and half / quarter pump on week 3, and probably going to be using two pumps this week.

The 2nd half of week 3 would have been the best result so far. I'm still looking for a job, and BP has helped me by giving me a more presentable look without acne scattered everywhere on my face. I'm looking forward to week 5, will probably get more of Dan's BP and some jojoba when I have money from next pay check from a job I will hopefully get.

That's all for now.

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Week 4 - Day 27

Improvement: 65% to 70% clear - Drying small bumps, healing red marks, no active zits

Mood: Happier with acne improvements

Following the regimen: 95%

Amount of BP use: 1 and 3/4 pump per application

Still not completely clear but I have to say that from day 1 to day 27, the improvement has been great and it's been a long way indeed. I am still not using 2 full pumps all the time as it takes forever to try especially when I have to go out. So I'm using 1 3/4 pump which seems to be just about the right amount for my face. I was out at martial art camp last night and we rolled around on grass, dirt and ant nests. Don't know how my face is going to handle that but fingers crossed!

Now, I've noticed a couple of undesirable side effects from using BP for extended period of time. Australia being a hot country, though I avoid putting BP anywhere near my eyes. Sweat carries BP down from my forehead to my eye lids, eyes, and under areas under my eyes. This is almost unavoidable unless I don't appy BP on my forehead at all (that's my plan after a week 5, no BP on forehead). Areas around the eyes are sensitive, got dried out by BP and make it look wrinkly when I make almost any kind of facial expressions and it makes me look and feel older! I use more moisturizer to counter that and hopefully it will help. Before I went on this regimen a small bottle of moisturizer would last me almost 18 months LOL I can't believe I almost finished 2 regular size bottles in less than 4 weeks :)

Another side effect from BP is that my normally very fast healing nature for skin breakage, and red marks from popped acne takes A LOT long to heal. When I wasn't on BP I can pop a pimple and it will heal in 2 days with almost no visible marks but if I do that now while on BP it will take about 5 to 7 days to disappear.

All in all, the experience is totally worth it. I wouldn't have made such progression in 27 days without the help of BP. But I might have to make some deviations such as not applying BP to any areas above my eyes. Use 1 and 3/4 pumps of BP each time. I still have to extract blackheads every now and then. I normally do this by washing my hands, wrap tissues around my fingers and gently press on the sides of the blackhead and keep the pressure low. The blackhead then slowly come out.

If you have suggestions for popping these guys please share. Some advise says to not pop them but what happens is if I leave it in there it usually go deeper into the skin and almost always the opening will close and eventually the blackhead gets bigger underneath the skin, looking like a dark raised spot on my face in which I will have to squeeze hard next time to get it out. Results in painful, big swollen, red spot that hurts. So no, I am not going to leave them in there.

While a lot of people will say exfoliate, but dan's recommendation was not to add any extra steps in the regimen until you're clear.

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Just when I thnk it's all better, now it's coming back. Maybe I shouldn't my face exposed to risks until I'm all clear. :( this is like back to end of week 3 :(

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I've been poppoing a few here and there. I break out a bit but there's nothing serious and I'm sure I can get it under control again. With Australia weather at the moment I find that putting as much moisturizer as I used to in winter is not a good thing for my face. It look and feel like my skin couldn't breathe or whatever it is but when I use thinner layer of moisturizer it seem to help calm my skin down.

Just got myself a bottle of Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser. I went and used it in shower I almost screamed "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" it burned like hell LOL and took about 10 seconds for it to turn to this cool minty fresh feeling. Will see how to Dermal Clay works out but I'm staying positive!

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