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need help with chest + back acne, and scarring

I've been breaking out on my chest and back for months. I only get about 1 or 2 small-ish pimples at a time, but after they go away, the scars stay there FOREVER! In particular, I've been breaking out on my back for at least one or two years, and it seems like every pimple I've ever had on there (maybe around 15) has left a permanent mark.

My derm prescribed me clindamycin and I've been applying it for three, almost four weeks. I know that it might take a while for it to work, but I haven't really seen any noticable results. If anything, I've been getting MORE pimples on my back, especially on my upper back.

Not only do I want to stop getting pimples, I also want to help fade the scars faster. Should I try using a BHA or AHA on it, as well as the clindamycin? Or should I wait longer for the clindamycin to work?

The only other reason I can think of is that recently, I permed my hair and started using a curling serum in it. My hair is just past my shoulders, slightly above bra-strap length so maybe that could be responsible for the breakouts too....?

What about how I shower? Is it better to use a pouf or your hands to wash yourself with shower gel?

So many questions, I know. :( Thanks for reading!

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....im too sure you mean scars... scars dont fade as there indents in your skin they need to be filled in, (well filled in from the inside) do you mean red marks? as sometimes people confuse the two...

is the clindamycin a tropical or tablet? (this one comes in both forms) but there not normaly used to treat red marks or scars.. there a weaker version of things like doxy and terticde (however its spelt) which just prevents acne... so for that to kick in your looking at 2-8 weeks

so if your not using anything else then your red marks/scars wont get better well apart from there natural healing which sounds pretty slow from your post

if you have red marks you might you may want to look in the red marks forum, as there are so many methods... but if you pick up some of the more popular ones like acv method (apple cider vingar) then you wont want to water it down as the skin on your back is much thicker thus more resislant. or an AHA will help greatly with red marks

if you do have scars (indentations in your skin) then you can use fresh lemon juice to get rid of them.... lemon juice will work on all sizes of scars however they dont fully heal serve scaring (serve scars are scars that are more than 0.4mm wide)

ive never used a pouf before so i cant answer your final question however you should use which ever one you get the most coverage of your back with as you dont want to miss an area

i dout that the hair perm you used has effected your acne on your back in this case because you would also be breaking out on your forehead.

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