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Question About Candida Treatment


I'm preparing myself to start on a Candida treatment. There was one thing I wanted to find out about first, as something doesn't quite make sense to me.

There seem to be two main components to the treatment: 1) Products that serve to kill yeast/fungus. Things like Garlic, Caprylic Acid, Oil of Oregano, etc. 2) Probiotics to restore helpful bacteria to your system which in turn helps keep the yeast under control.

The part that doesn't sit well with me, is the fact that many of the treatments in #1 not only function as anti-fungal treatments, but also have anti-biotic properties. How can it be effective to be taking a probiotic supplement while at the same time taking something that kills bacteria? It seems a little self defeating. I can't imagine the probiotics would flourish in an environment like that.

I want to make sure I tackle this issue as effectively as possible, so if anyone has any thoughts or information that supports or explains my concern, I would appreciate it.

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I agree that it is counterproductive to take a probiotic, only to take garlic a few hours later, which will kill the probiotics you just took. (There is actually a study out there that proves that garlic indeed kills ALL bacteria, not just the bad ones).

This is why you take candida treatment in steps:

-Starve candida with a low-sugar diet

-Kill candida with anti-fungals

-Do some sort of cleanse/enema

-Replenish your population of good bacteria with probiotics.

Or something like that. I highly recommend reading this page before starting your candida treatment.

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Thanks for the response and the link. I read it over and I think that it will be very helpful when planning out this treatment. It's full of information.

I am curious though. In the plan they lay out, they have you taking the probiotics with the antifungals (Garlic, Oil of Oregano), etc. They step you into it, but by the end it is all supposed to be happening simultaneously.

Also, do you think it is absolutely necessary to completely cut out sugars/high carbohydrate food? For me, the difference between cutting way down and total elimination is pretty huge. I'll do it if I have to, but I'm curious to know if you think a drastic reduction would work as well.

And lastly. The instructions say to stay away from capsule based probiotics. With all the garbage out there, I did research before and it seemed like iFlora by Sedona labs seemed like a quality one. Now that I read that, I'm not so sure. They recommend a powder form. Any thoughts or experience with this?


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