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Things have gotten worse :S


I have recently started university in Glasgow, UK which is few hours drive from my home town Cumbria.

My acne back at home was pretty mild most of the time. Unfortunately, however, after trying various products I hadnt got as far as clearing it. So anyway, as I said I moved from home to go to university: I have only been here 2 weeks now but my acne has sevearly worsened!

I think this may be because of the water quality/pollution but i am not sure. I have changed my regimen this week in a desperate hope to subdue the spots, which has slightly helped but not a great deal.

My regimen is;


Wash with Panoxyle 10 Wash,

Apply 'Superdrug - All over body cream' to moisturize.

After Uni/Mid-afternoon

*Repeat Morning Routine*


Wash with Panoxyle 10 Wash,

Apply Panoxyle 5 Acngel,

Apply 'Superdrug - All over body cream' to moisturize,

Apply thin layer of 'Sudocrem' to releave redness.

I added sudocrem to the regimen this week and replaced my nivia moisturizer with the superdrug one*

I am also going to book an appointment with the local doctor this week to see if I can get a perscription of medication that may help.

Do you think I could have had a reaction to the water/environment? Any suggestions on my situation/regimen? All help and advice I will be very grateful for!

Thanks in advance,


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well the water polluction shouldnt be to bad around glasgow but as your from a town the water will be worse than what your boyd is use to.... so you may be right your body may just be trying to get use too the water, if it is that just buy some bottled water asda sell bottled water for around 20p per liter or 2 liters cant think now

it could simly be that your spending more time outside and normal polluction is effecting... this could be blocking your pours and breaking you out.

also you want to drop your after uni wash with panoxy... they clenser has a 12 hour protection so you could simply be breaking out beucase you are over washing

you may also want to be careful with sudocream its very thick so if you dont wash it off correctly it will elave your pours blocked again leaving you to break out

besides i though sudocream was just meant to be good at helping redness

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cheers daniel for the reply!

yeah i think ill try buying some bottled water for a while and see if it helps. Perhaps just a wash without the panoxyle in the afternoon should help then. Ive noticed that the water gets relatively murky after a wash so perhaps it is to do with pollution as much so.

I forgot to mention aswell, the concentration of my my breakouts is around my jaw line and my chin. I occationally get a few spots on my forehead or on my cheeks. I do not shave with a conventional razor but use and electric one instead, which i shave once a week. Could this be another reason why my breakouts are concentrated in this area?

Thanks again daniel :)

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don't over do it with the products. using too much clogs pores, it doesn't help (counterintuitive to thinking) . also, using too many different products wrecks havoc because it irritates

remember to not irritate when you apply soap. be gentle. good luck

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When I first started uni I broke out bad around my jawline and chin. I blame it on stress and nerves personally. Got better as I settled in I think though I did take an antibiotic as well..

Good theory with the water though, I suppose Cumbria water must be a little different to Glasgow's!

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lol the water is fine here imo.

I would blame the breakout on different sleeping patterns, probably a change in diet?, and general stress. also if you were out drinking for freshers week or are just drinking more then that might be a cause.

I find after 1 or 2 nights out heavy drinking my face goes to shit about 1 or 2 days after. and then I have to pay the consequences for the next week or so.

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yeah i cud agree with u on that lightspeed, i think alcohol might have something to do with it..

Past 2 days its died down a little and I havent had a binge (lol) since early last week.

Anyway been to the drs tday and they upped my panoxyle to 10% and put me on antibiotics (Tetralysal 300 or lymecycline). Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the replies guys :)

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Hello to you! After reading your post, my advice is:

Stop washing with a soap that includes Benzoyl Peroxide. It's overly irritating and you wash out the effects of the BP before it even sinks into the skin to do it any good. I highly recommend Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or Cetaphil Daily Facial Wash. I'm not entirely sure if you even have Cetaphil in the UK, so if you don't, try to just get a VERY simple face wash that is gentle on your skin and doesn't have a ridiculous amount of ingredients as they are likely to be irritating.

After washing apply a 2.5% BP of some kind. (Dan's or Neutrogena On-The-Spot)

Moisturize your face.

Do this twice a day and you should see your skin calm down + get a hell of a lot better! :]

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