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neck burn

Hello everyone,

I've been doing the regiment for about a week now and my skin is pretty clear as of right now, I only usually have some big ones around the facial hair area and they seem to be going away.

My problem: I put some on my chin before sleeping, but I guess I got a bunch on my neck while sleeping and man did it burn it up. The skin is red and tight and burns like crazy. Its gotten a lot better, but is there any cream I can put on that will help out?


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Hi :)

I sympathise! I wouldn't try putting too many lotions and potions on because you'll probably just make it worse. But I do use hydrocortisone cream if this happens, just a small amount a few times a day for a few days until it dies down. It's not supposed to be used long term though, so in addition try to be extra careful with BP application, e.g. washing your hands thoroughly after applying BP, being careful to not spread it around when applying moisturiser afterwards, and maybe try leaving the BP to sink into the skin for a bit longer before you go to bed. Sometimes I put a thin layer of vaseline on some small areas as this stops the BP absorbing on them, but if you're having problems on your neck area it's probably too large an area to smear vaseline all over! Not the most attractive of options... So maybe not....

Good luck! x

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I got the same thing, but rather than just red it looks sort of dark brown around the front of my neck. I saw this when I woke up this morning. There's an area in the middle of all the browness / redness that's not affect so I look like i have this white ring across the front of my neck and it looks ridiculous :shifty:

I'm just applying a lot of moisturizer to counter it but anyone else has other recommendations on which good product to fix this up? Hope it will go away and not staying there with me for the rest of my life :P

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