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But Its the progress that feels the best

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What is life??? A bittersweet symphony, ups downs, you live and your learn, you crash and you burn. Death is another part of life, this is for the paraplegic people dreaming of running.

Decide. WHat you want with your life, decide what makes you happy, decide what you want out of life.

Look. At yourself, who you've become, and how you've gotten there.

Visualize. I think that the road to life is going to have a few twists n turns, all that matters is your progressing, even if you feel at your worst, know that each small step you take towards your life intention, is a step in the right direction. So keep your head up and know where you'd like to be mind\body\spirit.

Enjoy. The gift that is life, the beauty that resonates through our ability to feel.

Live. In the Moment, we are all entitled to start a new future and let go of the past.

Action. I recommend a daily dose of On the Turning Away by Pink Floyd, Like a rolling Stone Cover by Jimi Hendrix, Tie My Hands by Lil wayne, and for all you mind revolutionists to bring back that sweet 60's aroma

Discuss??? :idea:

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Yep nice post, a sentiment we all need to remember sometimes.

I much prefer the Verve and Curtis references in your post to the Floyd and Hendrix, they keep in line with what your saying too! Dont know whether they were intentional?

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