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This scares me..

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After reading this article, I'm really in a state of confusion and fustration. I really don't know who to believe because the side effects mentioned in the article are similar to mine. I seem to have more brown spots than before. I know that this will fade with time but I'm really annoyed with my acne. Who should I believe? And I personally think that each and everyone's skin is different from others, BP might work for you but not others. I don't rule out the possibility that this Regimen isn't effective. But then again, how do I know if the treatments stated in the article will work for me? I think for now, I'll still continue on the Regimen until I get some professional advice. Your thoughts and opinions on this article?

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this topic has been discussed many times. Try browsing in the different sections of this forum. Cell phones and wireless internet have been linked to cancer. Are you going to stop using cell phones or wireless internet? Constant sun exposure promotes a higher chance of skin cancer even with sunblock over time. There are a lot of "what ifs". You make the call. The regimen worked for me and I've tried a lot of stuff. BP is nothing compared to antibiotics or accutane. Good luck.

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antibiotics is very bad...made my skin horrible...

bp made my acne under control...but i only used it less than 2 years..because i dont want my skin to get used to it...i think as long as you dont use it more than 2 years, it is not harmful...my skin is now clear, but a lot of scars...

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That article did kinda freak me out to be honest. I am following Dan's Regimen strictly and precisely for about a month and a half now. My skin has very few break outs and all the rest are red marks that are beginning to fade. Its the only thing that seems to really be helping but Cancer? Tumors?? Animal testing???? SHIT! I dono what to do.

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i dunno about the rest of the world but i would rather live with clear skin and be HAPPY and one day when i'm 80 die of cancer since chances are we will get cancer somehow anyway!!

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