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HELP PLEASE!! I Need Your Help

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Hi guys,

I have a problem and I need your help please!!

So here's the story. My face was perfectly fine before I leave the house. I'm in the car for 30 min and then reach my destination. When I get there, I go to the bathroom and suddenly notice a HUGE streak of purple/brown/red on my cheek (the skin to the right of my nose)

so this huge discoloration happened in 30 minutes??? the weird thing is i did touch it, i didnt feel anything, theres no active acne there, there was no discoloration at all before.

anyone have any idea?? im thinking it might be an allergic reaction or maybe i scraped that skin (i highly doubt, b/c i wouldve felt it)

Thanks for reading and for helping!!

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update: i went to the derm and he said because of its shape (which is linear), it is definitely caused by something on the outside, meaning it is not because of food.

he said that it could have been anything - lotion, cream, bp, the air, someone hitting me.

he gave me desodine to reduce the inflammation (its red, but you cant feel anything) and said it should help.

anyone know anything abuot desodine? thanks!

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