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Success with V-Beam?

i have a consultation with a derm coming up, and i already know ive got rosacea, i have been dealing with it for awhile and stuff.

i wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences with the v-beam laser, and whether they have been good or bad. i have been researching a lot of the treatment options, and this one seems like a pretty effective one. it seems to be one of the cheaper laser options, and ive read a lot of good things. most people ive read about said most of their redness disappeared by the 2nd or 3rd visit, and a few said it completely disappeared.

so for those who have had experiences, id love to hear them. thanks guys. im really excited for my derm appointment, because im really hoping for some good improvement. ive already improved over the past year, and im looking for further help.

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i got some broken capillaries around my nose and tried to get rid of em a few years ago

i think i tried 2 or 3 treatments of vbeam and it didnt help. i've also tried dual yellow and ipl... those didnt help either... i think i'm just stuck with em forever.

oh well.. maybe you'll have better luck than i did

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well from the reports i read the nose is one of the hardest places to try and get rid of them because of how fast they reproduce or something like that.

luckily, i just have it on my cheeks, and hopefully ill have a better effect.

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