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huge BLACK bump/zit!!

so i have this big black zit on my cheek. i mean its huge and the coloring is blackish.

i had a smaller one like it under my eye and when i squezzed it was a bloody mess

what is it!?!

how did i get it and stop more from coming!

have you ever had one?



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its a blood boil. I've gotten them before I just pricked with a sterile needle and let it drain, kinda gross but it went away after that.

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Ergh don't squeeze it, you could be forcing the bacteria and blood back in to the wound.

From my experience with boils of any kind, it's better to let them drain on their own. If you prick it and let it drain, be very careful to clean the area well because otherwise the bacteria that oozes out can infect clean parts of the skin and create clusters of boils called carbuncles.

I would clean the boil with tea tree oil, that's always worked for me. It encourages the boil to drain on its own much faster, and also keeps the area disinfected.


edit; reading back on the post, I'm not so sure it really is a boil. I'm thinking it might be an abscess. In which case I would go see a doctor. It is most likely not serious, but perhaps the doc could tell you the best way to treat/get rid of it.

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