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I've just got bacjkfrom work (after two weeks off) and I looked in the brightly lighted mirror and my skin looked AWFUL. I'm so depressed cos in my bathroom mirror its been looking ok. What does it really look like? I really hope it doesn't look like in the mirror at work.

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You have to consider that the color temperature of the lamps in the bathroom are usually very high and bluish. In most cases, other lighting will be much more forgiving to red spots on your face.

I hate looking in those mirrors too...every red spot is so obvious!

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yea, in the gym locker-room, the lighting is really dim and i feel great after looking in that but in other bathrooms around school, where there are bright neon lights, my skin looks awful...it seems like it makes my zits/redmarks whatever 3d or something. like i look more pale and the marks come out and look really red..

the best reflection in the world is a car window reflection so that could help you feel good if you only look in car windows lol just try not to look like you are stealing anything

[-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-( [-(

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I dont know about you guys. But I am really starting to hate Digi Cams.

I look fine just in about every mirror I look, I see the scaring and red spots and a few tiny pimples. So I was all fine with that and considered myself a good looking guy since Ive been told that alot lately.

I borrowed a Digi Cam and spend the whole day taking pics of my co workers, place where I live and mostly my face. Some pics I looked good. The other pics, I looked god awful, I could see all the scars pits and other things Ive never seen before.

I'll tell yall this, I am a 19 year old male, Ive never cried about my face before. I got so depressed becuase of the whole day yesterday. My gf was trying to tell me that its only the lighting/settings on cam that made it so bad...I didnt believe her.

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