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Little bumps on chin, cheeks, forehead

Howdy everyone. My name is Tyler and im 17 years old. I'm a new member here but i have been coming here for months finding tips and regimens and what not.

Anyways i have a question concerning my acne. I have tons of tiny little bumps on my chin where they are mostly concentrated. To see them i kind of have to stretch my skin by pushing it with my tounge. When i do that they are lighter than my skin color. They stay there forever and ever but they eventually get bigger until they turn red and then they develop the hard white spot on top. I'm so confused...are the little dots microcomedomes or whatever?

Also I have similar looking bumps spread out on my cheeks. However the ones on my cheeks have a very very small black dot in the center. Are these little black heads or something? My nose and upper cheekbone area are covered in tiny little black dots that when i squeeze the little worm of white sebum comes out. My nose is totally covered in these little dots but yet my nose very infrequently has acne on it. Im so confused and don't even know where to begin with treating this anymore. Could any of you kind people pleeeaase help me out?

much love


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yea i have similar type bumps on my chin right underneeth my lip. you cant see them unless i i press them out with my toungue. i dont know what these bumps are called but the black dots on your cheeks are called blackheads. i used to get a good amount of blackheads but a couple months ago i started to use the Neutrogena blackhead elimintating scrub and it got rid of most of them i get an occasional blackhead here and there but not like before

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