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f a m o u s

awwe red spots:(

soooo, i have some red marks lef over from pimples, and i ahve 3 questions:

1) what exactly are they?? liek why r they there?

2) it there any home remides or something to get rid of them?

3) do they really last forever?

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Red marks are left over because of inflammation. So if you get a big red pimple and it gets inflamed then your skin experiences trauma that leads to getting a red mark. Home remedies

you can use are Apple Cidar Vinegar diluted 50/50 with water. Aloe Vera Gel or better yet, from the plant. You can also try AHA but it's not considered a home remedy. UMMM...I think jojoba oil works to some extent as well. I'm dealing with them too so I know how you feel. The red marks last about 3 to 4 months to fade completely. However, some of them stick around for years, it all depends how long you've had acne and how severe it was. Don't pick at your skin because the red marks will take a lot longer to fade.

Good Luck!

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1`. Hyperpigmentation. Here's a sticky about it: Post Inflam. Hyperpigmentation

2`. There are a lot of different remedies that you could try--but they're not guaranteed to get rid of them. It's said that squeezing the oil stuff from a Vitamin E pill and spreading it over the scar can help it fade. Masks, lemon juice, egg yolk and such things are also heard to help.

Here are some Products you could try if those don't work out for you.

3`. They usually go away in two years--sooner if you're lucky, later if you're not. Most people don't really want to wait two years. God knows I don't bug I don't have a choice since I still have acne and I can't use any products to get rid of my brown spots until my forehead's cleared.

My friend did use Liquid Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Formula for four months and it got rid of hers completely. It's about ten dollars? I'm trying it after I use up the rest of my usual facial cleanser.

Good luck tho :)

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