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what is the difference between the retinoids?

im on differin 0.3% but im curious if its the right choice. my acne was pretty much under control from the benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin but i still had tons of blackheads. my derm put me differin to help. she said it would take three months for results, im a month and half in without a change to my blackheads. so ya, what are the differences between retinoids and do any have more success with blackheads than others?

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The three major brands of retinoids, Differin, Tazorac, and Retin-A are all basically a part of the same chemical family (retinoids), but each are different "individuals" of the family.

Differin is Adapalene, which is a synthetic (man-made) retinoid. It boasts that since it's synthetic, it has been formulated to cause less irritation than the natural retinoids.

Tazorac is Tazarotene, the strongest retinoid on the market. Tazorac delivers, but it's also the most irritating retinoid. If you can tolerate its irritation, Tazorac is an excellent choice.

Retin-A is the classic Tretinoin. It's been around the longest and was the first breakthrough in acne topical treatment. They've formulated it to where it is much less irritating than the original formula long time ago.

In all, it's just best to stick to one and use it for a length of time. But certain people tend to respond better to some of these retinoids.

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