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hey , so i always pick at my acne, and i put toothpaste on it, etc, and i always like get like obsedssed with them:( so i have a question:

do you think that picking at them (eventhogh you are not supposed to) does make them go away faster?

and also , does anyone else get this lieke paraniod about their pimples?

like i feel like everyday i am not as sucsessfull or happy as i should/can be. like its kinda like a mild depression just because of acne and i fell like my picking sometimes it a bad thing. but i think that i fool myself into thinking that its good.

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I completely know what you mean. I'm the exact same way. I used to have bad acne when I was about 13 (I'm 19 now) and even though it's cleared up, I still feel like that same insecure kid. Even now, when I have a breakout around my period or something, I have to pick at it, although I know it makes it worse for the most part. Even little skin colored bumps, that may or may not be pimples, I pick at. I have a problem with my eyebrows too (weird!). I try to pluck hairs that are too short and it just ends up creating a wound. It's like a crazy cycle! I find if I just stay out of the bathroom, I'm OK, and a lot happier. You just can't dwell on it. Everyone always tells me there's nothing there, so I'm just starting to take their word for it!

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It depends. If you have one that's ready to pop anyway, you might as well go for it, but do it safely (disinfected needle, cotton ball/2x2, isopropanol). If you get right up to the mirror and feel you have to mess with every red spot you see even if you the lesion is really premature, you're asking for trouble.

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