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I decided to buy the regimen products and give them a try because I just really wanted to get rid of my acne. I never really had a lot of acne, just a few pimples on each cheek, but still annoyed me. So I started the regimen, and followed everything to a T. I started slow, and finally worked my way up to two full pumps. After about a month and a half of the regimen, my skin was horrible. My skin was dry and flaky, and red marks that never existed before the regimen just started pop up. I developed a lot of real deep white heads that seemed to pop up all the time. My face started to look greasy and pale at all times, my pimples stood out so much more, and my skin just looked terrible. After starting the regimen my skin never looked worse, and never got better. I realized for all the time, money and effort that it takes to follow the regimen, it was not worth it anymore. I also found out the only real and logical way to deal with acne.

The best way to deal with acne to start off is with a healthy diet. I know there is no concrete facts about the correlation between diet and acne, but from my own experiences I believe your diet is a vital part to treating acne. I started to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink a ton of water and healthy teas. Also you should avoid eating snacky foods like chips, soda, ice cream, candy, and all those foods with tons of sugar. Another tip is to avoid bread and carbs when you can. If you avoid those types of foods, eat mainly fruits and vegetables and lean meats, and drink a lot of water at all times, your skin health will improve drastically.

The second part that I found to be effective was to not use too many products on your face. I found out that the more products you use on your face, the worse it gets. I found that the only thing that kept my skin in its best condition was to wash with a very gentle cleanser, such as Cetaphil, and use a light and oil-free moisturizer afterwards. At night, I use tea tree oil under the moisturizer, but besides that, no other chemical ever goes on my face, especially half a handful of benzoyl peroxide.

After stopping the DKR, and going back to a healthy and relatively effortless skin care program, my acne has gotten so much better. I skin is always hydrated, never flaky. My red marks have gone down a lot, and my complexion is much better. It is also 100 times easier than sitting there and waiting for your skin to dry, then apply a pound of BP, then wait to dry, then apply moisturizer. For the normal person, this is just illogical to think you have to do this TWICE every single day.

Im not bashing the DKR, because obviously it has worked for some people. But if you are like me, and your skin got worse since on this, you should consider the simpler approach. Your acne will never completely disappear while just using topical things on your skin, the acne is a sign that something internal is in need of change. Diet will help tremendously with acne, as well as a very gentle and chemical free skincare regimen.

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it is good that your acne getting better after doing a healthy diet.

for me i don even know what to do.I used a very gently cleanser which is called QV and also the mousuri at night time but still didn really help me out. also im having an accutance as well.

gosh,i really hope my acne will dissappear asap :(

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