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Whiteheads - Persistant and difficult to manage

Hi guys,

I just want to start off by saying that I have found this website to be a fantastic resource for practical advice and emotional support. For that, I want to thank all the contributors.

I have been dealing with facial acne for approximately the last 6 years. I am currently 21 years old, and only recently did my problem subside markedly. "Red bumps", which is most commonly considered as being characteristic of acne had been the source of significant emotional pain for most of my teenage years. Presently, this problem is much more manageable through the daily use of facial cleansers and cleansing pads. My face does get fairly oily in a short period of time, which is likely why I keep up this daily routine. This routine helps but for the most part does not sufficiently eliminate the whiteheads that persistently surface on my face.

The interesting point to note is that whiteheads surface almost exclusively in two specific areas on my face: 1) Just above my chin, but below my lower lip, and, 2) Just above my upper lip, but below my nose. Whiteheads often surface in small concentrated areas, which makes my problem highly noticeable. With my busy schedule, it is difficult for me to take some time out to use facial cleansers and/or cleansing pads while on the go. If I neglect to cleanse my face a few times a day, I will almost certainly have whiteheads by the end of the day. Even if I cleanse on a daily basis, this will not guarantee that my face will be free from whiteheads.

Please advice, so that I can be free from my acne woes once and for all.

- Daniel

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