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keep failing at my diet

I was clear during the summer when the sunshine and my healthy diet helped my face..but now I'm indoors more now and there's no sunshine outside, plus I haven't been eating healthy. plus I've been really upset and stressed out over school and math class. all this is making my skin rupture. i just hate winter (or fall).

I was going to vow to start eating healthy today but then my mom came home with all this junk food. I had 2 reece cups and a cookie and a popsicle. then before that I had pizza.

I keep telling myself, no more junk food!


But it never happens. When I feel tired or run down, it's so much easier and more appetizing to grab an unhealthy snack or frozen dinner than to spend time eating healthy.

does anyone else have this problem or have some advice?

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i have the same problem...but i was suffering from an eating disorder which makes it extra difficult for me :(

theres much food that i dont like and without the carbs id be starving again! its not that i eat a lot of junkfood - no! but almost everything that i eat makes me feel bloat ( not only sweets and junk food ) i hate it!

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The whole 'diet starts tomorrow' thing is so easy isn't it?! Don't be too hard on yourself junk food is so tempting! How about instead of trying to diet just ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle bit by bit. I find trying to go without anything bad for you just makes you crave it more. Then as a result i eat far more junk food than i would have in the first place! I eat a lot more healthily these days than i used to.

Try doing things slowly. First of all promise yourself you'll eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. Along with whatever else you would usually eat. That gives you something good to start with. Then when you have that routine sorted spend some time focussing on drinking more water each day. Then try cutting down slowly on how much junk food you eat, while still allowing yourself to have some. If you tell yourself it's there if you want it but you don't have to have it you might find you can do better saying no than if you tell yourself you can't have that you're on a diet. Don't be too strict with yourself. If you're craving something bad, allow yourself to have it -just don't have too much. Maybe a small bar of chocolate instead of a big one or one piece of pizza instead of two. Hopefully you'll soon find yourself happy with what you're eating and be able to say no to something a lot easier than now.

Good luck, keep us posted how you get on!

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