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Regimen, accutance and baking soda

Hi everyone,

I wonder is the Regimen really works?The reason I am asking is that Im really keen to try it but just afraid it doesnt work for me. Also not sure where I can buy in Australia except online.

I am having an accutance now as well and it doesnt really work to me since the acne is still popping out and the redness still there as well.

I tried baking soda today but I feel nothing about it except sting.

Any suggestion from you guys will be very appreciated.


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It's worth a try, I tried alot of other products, but I found that Benzoyl Peroxide works great for me if it's used properly. I don't moisturize or cleanse with anything special. I just wash my face with water, dry it and put on some Benzoyl Peroxide. Good luck!!

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You are on accutane, the most powerful treatment for acne. Be patient and let it do its job. Accutane will make you skin real sensitive so all you should do to your face while you are on it is cleanse with a mild soap and moisturize.

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Thank you for the information guys.

Really get so upset about my acne.I had accutance for maybe 1 and the half month but i believe it only cures a bit and redness is not taht red.

donno when my acne gonna be gone. :(

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