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The unsuccessful success approach of acne

So, the reason why I call it unsuccessful is because I use a dangerous. vigorous approach that doesn't work for most people.

Basically I have the light teenage acne that most teens have and I wash my face twice a day with Murad clarifiying cleanser in the morning and an off brand black head cleanser at night.

Then that mask that Murad has that's clay made of 10% sulfur

Then I use witch hazel and dab it on my face with a cotton thing, and Murad exfoliating treatment gel.

Then I use Nature's cure 5% BP with!!!! with....Aloe Vera to make sure that my skin doesn't get dry.

Then a tiny bit of petroleum (skin protective) that you can put on your skin

Then I cover all my acne, or what looks like acne is going to start with "Bye Bye Blemish" drying lotion which works effectively at night.

But that's just half the story...If I didn't have to shave I would exfoliate my skin everyday with exfoliators so that I wouldn't have to worry about acne. But I have to shave and quite frankly when I use an electric shaver or razor I get these terrible razor bumps, and bumps that appear to look like acne and I have all of this additional acne on my face. And it really irritates my skin, really annoying.

So, I found this solution that I don't recommend to anyone else but here what I do. I shave once a week with VEET!!! And the razor bumps are gone, and my skin is free of acne as long as I wash my face twice a day etc. The catch is you can only shave once a week, but it beats the razor bumps.

What do you guys think? Am I making a mistake are there any long term side effects with using VEET?! And is there a better approach I can use?

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