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Large flat flesh coloured lump under skin on cheek.

I have this sort of lump under my skin, its flat so cant be seen and has no inflammation. In fact when looking at it I cant see anything but if I touch the area its like a large lump/scar tissue but more on the flat side? I finished my accutane course over 5 weeks ago and have always felt something over there but never bothered. Now it seems like all of a sudden its become large for some reason and sometime I feel very very mild thumping pain.

I was wondering what this could be? I was also wondering about whether it will go away. I have finally got my acne under control and my hyperpigmentaiton has faded alot, I really cant afford to have more acne and marks as its already been such a struggle?

Anyone else had a similar experience, i'm getting really worried!

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Wow, that's wierd. I have been on oral antibiotics for almost a year now (10 months) and am pretty much clear, but this morning i noticed a large, under-the-skin lump on my chin. It isn't red or anything, but it has a mild pain when i touch it. Anyways...

I think what happened w/ you is that you may have had a cyst or something, but the accutane was preventing it from really developing, but now that you're off accutane, it's getting worse. I don't know if that is really what's happening, but in any case, you might want to make an appointment with the derm. Good luck!

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