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Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Antioxidant Serum

So has anyone used this?


What interested me was that Retinol(stabilized Vitamin A) is one of the ingredients, along with a ton of anti-oxidants and anti-irritants. Would it possibly cause an initial breakout since it has Retinol in it? I use the regular Antioxidant Serum from there and it's been great. I still have brown/red marks and hyperpigmentation though and I hear Retinol is great for that, I just can't afford an initial breakout...

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I don't think the retinol is strong enough to cause an IB in this case - maybe it would if it was in a really high concentration.

I use both the skin balancing and skin recovery concentrate. I actually stopped using BP and just use this now along with my BHA (I use bp occasionally). It has helped with my overall skin tone - it makes my skin feel a lot smoother and healthier.

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Thanks for the info. I've been using this stuff 1-2 times a day depending on how my skin feels. It's definitely helping lighten up certain spots on my skin completely. What I'm seeing is that I'm getting slight peeling of the skin and slight redness but it subsides pretty quickly and once it subsides or I wash my face/cleanse my skin looks great.

It must be the retinol doing this, the side effects are spot on. I read that it takes a few weeks to get used to it since it completely "rejuvinates" your skin and increases cell turnover. I'm also probably using a little more than your supposed to but I kinda want to so I get more retinol delivered..

Any idea what % retinol is in this stuff? Seems pretty high on the ingredient list so I'm guessing it's a decent amount. Either way, this stuff is great so far despite the side effects, I actually feel it's working.

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