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I need help on determining which one I need... I've never used one.

Okay, the first one is just a plain clay mask with Sulfur and a little bit of salicylic acid.


The second one has Green Clay and a bunch of other things like vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Rose Oil, etc.


Which one is better for clearing up skin and making it more healthy, and absorbing oil...?

How crucial is the sulfur?


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I don't know about these particular masks but I do know sulfur is good for treating acne. Actually what's really great is to make your own clay masks. You can buy a big bag of french green clay for less than the price of most masks and make a lot more. You can mix the clay with a little water, honey and either lavender or tea tree oil. There are other recipes but that's my fave. Out of the 2 you were talking about I'd say the sulphur one is a stronger treatment. Can you get samples and try them out? Good luck.

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The first mask by betterhealthyskin.com will definitely absorb oil due to the concentration of Sulfur in the mask but the Salicylic Acid will do little if any to 'exfoliate layers of dead skin cells and help to flush out impacted pores', the concentration of the Salicylic acid is far too low to do anything, and you will be washing off the mask anyway therefore effectively you are washing off the Salicylic acid as well. Sorry about sounding too technical but I have to mention it.. If I'm correct, the Sulfur can really dry out the skin if you use the mask too much due to it's high pH. This is because a natural layer of sebum and sweat forms a protective layer or coat over the skin (oily skin is when there is too much sebum being produced) - this protective layer is called the acid mantle and it is particularly effective as bacteria cannot survive in acidic conditions (although the exception is the acne causing bacteria which actually lives deep down in the pores of your skin and will die in the presence of oxygen). The high pH will break this acid mantle, causing your skin to be dry and thus allowing bacteria to grow. In addition, if you use the mask say on a daily basis, then the skin will have no chance of restoring this protective acidic mantle and will therefore may release sebum like no tomorrow to try and restore this mantle. Too much sebum = oily skin and in addition, acne is caused by sebum being produced and getting stuck in the pores and the acne causing bacteria growing in the stuck sebum.

The mask by etsy.com looks good but if you really consider it then 1). you will probably be washing off the beneficial ingredients such as tea tree oil and Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. 2). Rosemary Oil and Rosewater can cause irritation to the skin and 3). If you look at the ingredient list of the mask (bottom of the page), then there is more of the irritating rosemary oil and rosewater oil than the beneficial Vitamin E.

The Sulfur mask is probably the best option to keep oil down but use a pH correct toner to restore that acid mantle after using the mask. The etsy.com mask is a bit pointless IMO as it contains irritating ingredients and you will be washing off those beneficial ingredients too. Do you use an exfoliant?

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thanks for your help man!

i do use a glycolic peel (30%) every week and a 2% salicylic acid every day.

so the etsy.com one wont rejuvenate my skin at all? like, you have to leave the tea tree oil on and let the skin absorb it all in order for it to help?

i dont have that big of an oil problem, but its enough of an issue. i mainly have a lot of scars and red marks and a few cysts and whiteheads, so im just trying to rejuvenate my skin and i wasnt sure if sulfur was better or all of that other stuff

oh yeah, and i have a bad blackhead problem on my nose!!

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