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My scar improvement and I have some questions!

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Hello everyone. So the only scarring I have left is the one's I caused myself earlier this year from a chemical burn that are only situated on my cheek area (especially my left cheek) with my right cheek having very minor issues so I am confident given how my skins improved that my right cheek will be smoothed out completely.

My first laser treatment was with the Profractional and because my skin had never had a laser treatment the downtime was a week. I noticed slight improvement but nothing major.

Second treatment they went with a stronger laser the sciton microlaser peel which they say is the most they can do besides the CO2 laser which they don't prefer. They said a week downtime maybe my skin got used to the laser. I applied aquaphor religiously and they had done it on a tuesday and by Friday my skin was completely healed no pinkness no redness excluding those paticular scarred portions my surrounding skin looks amazingly flawless now and no color change.

There was major change and I can tell the most because now my skin is easily camouflaged with a light dusting of mineral powder and blush and you can tell there's a very minor unevenness there but nothing drastic.

However my concern is because of the laser those particular scars are quite shiny in appearance now and were not shiny prior to me getting the laser done. And sometimes they change color like sometimes its pink sometimes its level with my skin sometimes its red. Say I have worked out the color flushes out nicely with the rest of my skin and same thing when I shower. The color tends to look the worst if I am not wearing makeup as the day goes by.

So my question is will this change? Will the shiny appearance remain? They plan on doing the vbeam laser on me to completely rid me of the redness and my skin does seem to like laser quite a bit. I also am concerned if the scars, once they are smooth, if the color will look different than my surrounding skin and if time can help change a lot of this.

Thank you!

I am also wondering if there are any topicals that can help like aloe vera, vitamin E, or Vitamin C. Right now I am refraining from tazorac because last time I used it after my laser treatment only those scarred areas started bleeding a lot. My skin can't handle anything too harsh given the harsh treatments and damage it has already gone through.

Currently I only use cetaphil moisturizer and cetaphil cleanser.

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I am happy to read that you are getting great results on your scarring!

So you are saying it's just the scars that have the shiny appearance and not your non-scarred skin?

I have read that CO2 lasers can leave a shiny, waxy appearance to the skin. I know you didn't have CO2 and I have no clue whether this shininess can be remedied. However, I am also interested in responses since I may be having CO2 soon and I want to be aware of what i am getting into.

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Yes my nonscarred skin is perfect in terms of color and no shininess and just those scarred portions are shinier and can look different colors throughout the day haha and they do full face laser on me every time so I am worried that the shiny appearance won't go away but my next treatment is October 7th so I will be sure to ask them if this will remain or change and it is not waxy in appearance as it is completely smooth but I can see the pink fleshy skin forming on top and I am noticing this more for two smaller scars towards my right cheek and not so much on my left actually even though both sides of my cheeks are smoothing out equally, possibly because both sides are only a few months old.

I have actually started massaging my scars as well now because I am hoping to improve the scars further and I am now using aloe vera at night. I am honestly far more worried about the color and shine now, which they said they must correct with vbeam then I am with the scars because this laser that they did it's the second worst after Co2 yet I healed so amazingly fast that they were stunned when I came into see them a week later. With this laser the Sciton microlaser peel I had layers of skin falling off. I had to keep tissues on me at all time. If you have minor pitted scarring this laser might possibly work wonderfully for you.

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Well it's from a chemical burn so I would have to go with severe particularly on one side but each time they are doing it the whole skin is smoothing out. I am moreso worried about how obvious the color shine etc will look afterwards not that worried about scar shape now. It is something that looks like it will be completely non obvious with makeup in a few months but I am worried how it will look without makeup.

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hey femme. im doing pixel laser ttment and my situation is just like yours. my scars are a little more red but they seem to have a different color everyday. this weekend it was very red and today they are more balanced with my skin color. i think that maybe it has something to do with the weather: it was really cold this weekend and today the temperature is normal.

the areas of my skin where there is no scar and the laser was applied improvead a lot, it is more shiny and white, but at same time its much more sensitive to the sun, i mean, if i stay 20 minutes outside i see some red spots, but thats normal for who has white skin.

i was really concerned about the redness these days, because in general its is really more red then it was before the treatment, but my skin usually takes more than 4 months to complete heal any cicatrization progress, so im kind of not thinking too much about it and waiting to time go by.

im starting this week that acv (apple vinegar) ttment for the red spots and i'll buy retin-a to use at night, i will see if there will be any improvement.

u should tell us about the improvement with vbeam after u do it, because there is few information about it here .

well, thats it,

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Yes they said because my skin is white and it responds so well to lasers they will easily get rid of the redness but I am hoping my scars don't leave behind a white appearance or a shinier appearance and I definitely think massaging the scar tissue daily might help a lot as it seems to be highly recommended to help the appearance of scars.

Let's see how things go a few months from now. It will take time. I just hope things work out in the end :)

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Oh yay I am pleased to say that this morning i woke up and I believe it might be due to the constant nightly massaging of the scars combined with the aloe vera gel I apply nightly that my scars are less shiny. October 7th next laser treatment and I will be sure to keep everyone updated :)

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