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Acne & Candida

So I have been looking at this as a possible cause of my problems. I never thought of this before really. I don't know how I missed this with all the research I have done on skin/acne/healing, etc.

I really liked the info on the thread on small bumps; that got me started.

So, I am going to try an experiment, starting today.

I have this stuff called SkinAid; I really like it but it hasn't totally helped my acne and I sort of stopped using it after a while. My sister-in-law had a really bumpy forehead and she was diagnosed with candida and possibly excema too. I got her to try SkinAid and she really likes it (everything irritates her skin, but not this). I still never thought that I had the same issue because my breakout is different than hers and on the jaw. I assumed it was all hormonal, but it doesn't respond like hormonal acne should.

I was so impressed that I also ordered their anti-fungal formula for my husband, who gets jock itch occasionally. He LOVED it and said it was the fastest and easiest thing he had ever used.

Now that I have read all about this candida fungus/yeast, I think I will try the anti-fungal version on my face! It is made by alphacura and their website is called skinremedy.com (warning: they have a crazy website that is a bit difficult to navigate, it is poorly designed and all over the place).

All their products have herbal ingredients and are gentle. what they say about the fungus one is:

...root of a miraculous Asian plant called Bitter Melon, also know as

Ku Gua. The root of “Momordica Cochinchine- sis†has been medically proven to be a highly effective anti-fungal remedy...

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Wow! Almost overnight this helped.

UPDATE: I used the above mentioned concoction on my skin 3 times yesterday (once before night moisturizer) and in the morning ALMOST ALL THE BUMPS ARE GONE and the few breakouts I had are much reduced too!

This may be the key for me, my HG? I hope so!

I will keep you updated as time goes on.

This is very promising for me.

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So far so good.

My skin has had a lot of surface dryness, but that could be from a glycolic I use every once in a while. Maybe the glycolic in conjunction with my anti-fungal was a bit much.

It is hard to know because the antifungal just feels like water but I think it is a tad drying.

Much less breakout and fewer bumps so far.

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