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Postponing starting accutane due to a wound that needs to heal

I was wondering if it is wise to postpone commencement of treatment due to a large wound that I have. It's quite the gash in a visible place and I really wouldn't want it to scar.

My severe acne and depression are pretty horrible right now though and I'd like to start my accutane course as soon as possible.

Is it recommended to allow this gash to heal before starting tane? It could take up to a month to heal and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice.

Have any of you cut yourself badly while on accutane and it left a scar?

Thanks a lot.

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Carmen, mind if I ask where it is? I actually didn't notice many changes in terms of ability to heal whilst on accutane. Pimples and cuts seemed to heal up fine, but they say NO surgery whilst on the course. Might be a good idea to wait to the majority of it has healed.

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I am aware not to have surgery, it will not be required.

It is on my chest, just below my collarbone. It's quite large and pretty painful. It has just now started to heal a little bit but I fear it may take a while. That's interesting and good to know you never experienced any slow healing during treatment.

I suppose I should wait at least a week for it to start healing properly, thanks for the kind advice.

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my skin didn't slow down healing until the third week or so, so i would say you don't need to wait until it's fully healed but at least makes sure its after the worst of it .

also only noticing the healing is slowed down on my face. i think it may take a lot longer for it to start affecting the rest of the body. (at least in my case)

good luck!

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