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I have noticed on this board that alot of people are using something called emu oil to help with the redness of acne. I was just wanting to get some feedback..does it work? The worst part of my acne are the red marks that remain for months after the actual blemishes go away, will emu oil help with this? And where did you buy yours? I found some sites on the net but didnt know if they were reputable or not. What products are good? I would really appreciate some feedback!

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I've been using it for 3 weeks and haven't really noticed any improvement in my red marks. Does it take a while to show improvement? At least it hasn't broken me out badly or anything.

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i ordered from lurebeauty as well, it was very good. i was hoping it would help with facial redness but it didnt. however, it is very moisturizing and seems to help with acne and is very healing.

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Hi tech99!

What is the redness problem you are having, what is causing it? I noticed it took a little bit to work but now my skin is all even toned.

Did you also order the CP serum with it? That helps with regenerating and repairing damaged skin cells, it helps give you an all over skin remodeling. i love using the cp serum with the emu oil.

i use the super version of the cp serum because that one has salicylic acid in it, my acne is completely gone after a new routine ive been using.

My boyfriend told me twice this week "you are glowing honey, you look so beautiful, what have you been doing different?" - i think the products are finally kicking in, sometimes it takes some time.

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