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ok! So.. I am very.. anti-anti-biotics for acne. In my experience with Doxycycline (and Tetracycline) they screwed up my face big time :( I would never in a million years go back on either one of them.

(double negative.. makes me biotics? haha sorry. I love math!)

BUT I've got an infection in my leg, and walking is a bit painful, and I spent 6 hours in the ER trying to get it all sorted out. I've been put on a 10-day course of Cephalexin, and I'm obviously going to finish it as who knows what an untreated infection in the leg could lead to (nope, I'm not into the whole amputation thing...) but I was wondering if anyone has ever been on this drug, and whether it affected their skin at all?


ahh hoping I can walk and work out again without being in so much pain soon...

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It's funny you ask...

I had an infected burn wound for which I was prescribed cephalexin. Now I'm on Retin-A-Micro and it keeps my acne manageable, but I still get inflamed pimpes all around my nose and such. I started taking cephalexin and within three days they were all gone. Right now my skin is absolutely perfect and I am amazed beyond belief.

I had never tried antibiotics before for acne, but after this success, I'm going to change that.

That being said, everybody's skin/acne is different. I wish you the best.

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Weird-I'm on day 10 of a 14 day course. I had one going on my nose and a big cyst on my cheek-they are both gone 500mg twice a day. I took Levaquin once it knocked every thing out in 3 days and I didn't have any problems for 6 months.

PS I saw the other day where President Hamilton's 16 year old son had died from an infected blister on his foot-long before they invented antibiotics. "Not to worry those with blisters" It's good you went and got your leg checked out.

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