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Retin-A Alternatives?

I've finally found what works for me: Dan's regimen plus Retin-A before bed. Yup, it's a lot , but the only thing that works after 10 years of searching. I'm attempting some diet changes but in the meantime I have to stick to the topicals to get me by.

Anyway, Retin-A is no longer covered by my insurance. So I have to either 1) go without (acne comes back! 2) spend $130-140 per month on Retin-A (no small potatoes on my budget, but still strongly considering it to keep this menace away, or 3) find an alternative that works similarly.

Is there anything that works like Retin-A that is cheaper or easier to acquire? Or does anyone have other ideas? I'm at my wits end after over a decade of dealing with this crap, and I'd hate to spend over $1000 a year just to keep my face looking presentable. But they may be my only choice short of returning to acne freakism.

Advice appreciated!

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If your insurance covers Differin or Tazorac, both are also forms of retinoids (but they are different chemicals, so some people don't experience the same level of success).

Or, you may want to look up generic Retin-A brands that the pharmacist may be able to offer. But whatever you do, please refrain from illegal online drugstores. Those can end up ruining your skin.

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I'm pretty sure there are Retin-A generics available that would likely be much cheaper.

Do some research on that..you can probably order it from an online pharmacy.

Also..in regards to your routine..

Are you doing BP every morning, and just Retin-A every evening? or are you alternating at all?

thanks, and good luck!

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I'm currently using Differin 0.3%. Without insurance, I've currently got it down to approximately $80 per month with the online rebate and Differin card my dermatologist gave me. It's still not cheap, but it's a far cry from $130-140. The active ingredient is different as has been mentioned. However, Differin is said to work even more efficiently in conjunction with BP while Retin-A does not.

In addition, my doctor gives me a whole month worth of free samples during every visit. I'm not sure whether it's just my office or if it's Galderma and their no-holds-bar marketing tactics.

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