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My Success With Paula's Choice 2% BHA Addition

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Hi everyone,

If you go back to my posting history, you can see that not too long ago, I was asking the effectiveness of Paula's Choice 2% BHA and Dan's AHA. My worries arised because I didn't want that many products on my face at once. I took the plunge and bought both--there's no price on good skin, to me. I won't lie, I did have some really dry areas around my t-zone of my face during the first few days of doing this routine.

My acne ranges from small bumps to medium, although compared to many, I would say it's still small but red. Due to the brigade of the small, red bumps, I had red areas on the right side of my face that I thought was scarring. I figured that I needed something penetrating to get rid of the dead skin cells--Paula's Choice appeared to be the answer.

My daily/nightly routine is like this:

Wash with Purpose Gentle Cleanser

Exfoliate with Paula's Choice 2% liquid BHA

Wait a few seconds to apply Dan's benzoyl peroxide

If I have trouble areas, I will spot treat with Dan's AHA


It's only been three to four weeks, and everything has significantly cleared up. My redness/trouble areas have diminished since. Paula's Choice was a great addition to Dan's regimen/advice to give my face a totally new complexion.

So, I wanted to share this little excerpt that I'm a living testament, among thousands of acne sufferers, that it's completely possible to have a good complexion, acne-free skin.

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i actually used this exact regime lol and had success with it... however, i lost my dan's benzo on a road trip ... so i went back to paula's choice anti blemish and i like it infinitely more... her anti blemish isnt as thick ...i very rarely break out anymore and any scars i have are quickly fading away... *high fives yay for clear skin

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