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Lymecycline log

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Ok today I went to my GP because I was so fed up with my acne. Been battling it for about 3 years. About a year ago it went while using Dan's regimen and I was clear now its come back but i'm still on Dan's regimen. My GP prescribed lymecycline for me. I have just taken one tonight and i'm meant to take one a day. Its always a problem for me to take pills because I can't swallow them easily never have been able to swallow them. But I managed to get one down tonight. I'm gonna still be doing Dan's regimen every morning and use an AHA cream at night.

Will keep you updated on how it goes.

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This is going really well. A few spots I had have become very less red and have prevented coming to a head. Hopefully this will continue. My skin is looking better which is probably due to the AHA. No side effects so far although do feel a bit bloated after taking them. Fingers crossed this works.

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I got a log too on Lymecycline 300mg but I only use the pills and wash with regular water morning and night. Will you stop using Dan's regim later or will you stop using Lymecycline first or how will you work it out? I can only speak for myself but I am pretty sure I am not alone but I want to use as little product as possible :o

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I'm still on lymecycline. Its been ok has stopped the spots from getting pussy and infected like they used to. I'm still doing Dan's regimen though. I have still got these annoying white bumps under my skin though. I take my last pill tuesday so seeing the doctor tuesday to see what he has to say. The lymecycline hasn't worked perfectly but made some difference. My acne is now mild. There is still no substitute for Dan's regimen in my opinion.

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glad to see the lymecycline has been helping...as far as i know, in a few more weeks you should be seeing the full effect of the antibiotic. i know medicine is practiced differently in the uk than here in the us, and that antibiotics seemed to be prescribed in 3 or 4 month courses there. here, most docs keep patients on antibiotics long term, as long as they continue to help and aren't causing problems.

and youre absolutely right...an oral antibiotic is no substitute for a good topical treatment. the 2 work hand in hand, and oral antibiotics used only if topicals cant fully control acne on their own. good luck with your appointment.

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