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Hair problems.. kind of :S

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Some background information first,

I'm a guy and I've tried nearly every hairstyle my hair is capable of without the use of chemicals e.g. curly hair is a no as my hair is naturally straight. I prefer medium length hair more than spiked hair but the problem is that each time I get it cut, the hairdressers use a pair of hair thinners (or whatever they're called) to give hair that layered, textured, spiked look / effect. The problem is that when I start growing my hair for the fringe look, my hair doesn't grow downwards, it grows upwards and I can't gel the fringe area down as it'll just flop back up. Apart from straighteners (probably wouldn't even work as I think you need long long hair). Are there any straightening, volumizing products or natural kitchen remedies or hair drying techniques to achieve the fringey, medium length look for a guy?

Sorry if my descriptions are a bit bad, I'll try again if no one got what I meant, thank you :D

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You mentioned the answer in your question, straighteners. Work on any hair at any length, but to aid it you can use specialized straightening shampoos and conditioners finishing off with straightening cream/balms.

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You might have to "re-train" your hair. At night, blow dry the bangs (er, fringe :D), downwards and then hold it in place with a bobby pin while you sleep. The more you do this, your hair will want to stay down and not stick up.

Flat irons most definitely help...your hair does not have to be long to use them either. I use one on my bangs, as it is the best for shaping bangs. My bangs hit right at my brows, so they're not really long.

Also, when you go to the hairdresser, ask her to style your hair the way you want (not just cut it) & then take note of what she does.

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