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I'm growing out of my acne I think :D

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Okay, So I was on accutane for 4 weeks, and then I told my doctor that I pretty much cleared up completely except for some pigmentation and moderate scarring (which I'm going to take care soon). I've now been post-accutane for 3 weeks now and I experienced a few very tiny breakouts, I think it's just "pushing" the rest of the crap out.

So currently, I have about 3 moderately-sized pimples, 3-4 lumps on my jawline and around my earlobe that are barely visible, and some pigmentation that is healing up pretty quick. Probably because I've been drinking a lot of Green tea lately...

So Now my main concern is the disgusting scars, One scar kind of looks like a over-sized blackhead (could be pigmentation) with a rolling scar underneath and a lot of small, shallow icepicks mainly on my cheeks, forehead, and temple areas.

So what do you guys think I should do about the scarring? I considered bio-oil but theres an ingredient in it that is well-known to clog your pores. I think my best bet is laser treatment. :D

I would upload a few pics but unfortunately my camera has no batteries at the time and my cell is dead so yeah...D:

What kinds of laser treatments should I look into? Ideas?

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