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Huge redmark on nose! [pic]

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Yesterday, I had this zit on my nose and it looked like it was going to explode any second. I could see the head and it looked like it would leap off of my face. So, I decided to help it out pop it. BIG MISTAKE. I am left with a HUGE red mark on my nose and I have no idea how to relieve it!! It so noticeable. To the point that if you looked at my face, that would be the first thing your eyes land on.

So what can I do? How do I get rid of it? I'm aware it is not a quick fix, but how do I speed up the process a bit and treat it?


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Guest missyjean130

Since it's new you can try neosporin lol.

Treatment option are endless

jojoba or emu oil

acv toner

store peel kits

licorice extracts for whitening

just a few of many options

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Guest missyjean130

Hey least your face isnt covered in red marks like mine,haha

It's okay...youve learned your lesson and with effort it'll fade soon so you can dab concealer on it.

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lol i have had this before and boy did i HATE IT. except mines was bluish (like a bruise) because it was more severe. I just waited mines out. and it does take time for it to go away. sucks. i know

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