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Benzoyl peroxide owns my skin when i sweat a lot

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Recently i found the regimen online. i used it for a couple of days and it already seemed to be clearing up my acne. i noticed if i didnt wash my face before i ran that my skin would sting and become pretty red and irritated. One day i decided not to apply the Benzoyl peroxide before a race so that the stinging would interfere with my concentration. my skin seemed fine until i got towards the end of the race and afterwards. i had completely washed off all the Benzoyl peroxide from the day before but i still had the same stinging redness.

I can tell the Benzoyl peroxide is well on its way to clearing my acne but athletics come way before looking good. theoretically my acne should naturally be gone in a year because that's what happened with my parents. i could just wait it out and look like a fool but if there's anything out there that can help that'd be cool.

I've tried a number of products before this too. Arbonne acne treatment,benzaclin (dermatologist prescribed), clearasil salacylic acid pads, and i sorta used ziana (prescribed) but i don't think i really gave it a chance because i wasn't happy with my dermatologist. nothing has worked as well as the regimen, but nothing has hurt my skin more. HELP!

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If your skin is dehydrated and irritated, even if you don't have BP on at the time, it sometime can sting to have sweat running over the tiny cracks in your skin. I suspect you are using more BP than your skin is ready for and not enough moisturizer, if it really is that irritated. Go easy on the BP, go heavy on the moisturizer (and sunblock!), and slowly increase the amount of BP you use. You need to be babying your skin to get it more healthy and hydrated, and then you will be able to run with BP on your face without a problem. Jojoba oil for extra moisturization might be helpful.

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Same thing happens to me when I get real hot and sweaty while jogging. A bit of moisturizer prior to running may help, but for the most part I just tolerate it and it quickly goes away after I run when I hop in the shower.

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ya i'm pretty sure it was that i wasnt using enough moisturizer. i also realized i was using benzoyl peroxide on a lot of places on my face that have never had acne. that was mainly where the skin was getting irritated so i just concentrated where i was using the treatment.

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