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another accutane question

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For those who are taking/have taken accutane:

I'm on week2 and i constantly feel like i'm walking around in a daze, like really tired and sleepy...well i haven't been getting as much sleep as i would like, but still i feel kind of weird. is this normal?

also, my skin's turned a weird shade of red...has this happened to anyone? does it go away?

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sleepness thing....not happened to me.

redness...ur gonna have to deal with till ur accutane treament is over. Accutane rushes blood to the surface of ur skin - which is why its red. Which is shit because it makes ur redmarks even redder.

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I get extremely tired right before that time of the month.

However, when I first started taking Accutane, it took me about 3 weeks to acclimate to the Accutane and not be tired constantly.

I can not comment on the redness...I am not experiencing it at all. I look like I have a slight tan.

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To the topic creator: Yeah I felt like that too. I still do too, and I'm finishing my fifth month and the whole treatment. Don't worry about it, you can get through it. I wonder if all the sleepiness will just suddenly go away when I get off it though? That would be funny if I just got all hyper after I'm done lol.

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well happy to report the tiredness is getting better. I feel more like myself now. My skin's not improving much yet though. I'm just on day 13..long way to go!

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