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When I go to bed my acne is barely visible but when I wake up my face is a war zone HELP

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about a week ago i started using aspirin masks/baking soda/toothpaste and it has wiped out all of my zits but there are still red marks (sort of fading) all over my face and neck.

when i go to sleep they are almost completely gone but when i wake up i have a big WTF when i look in the mirror. before i started this i had terrible acne so i feel like i'm actually making progress but this is really starting to piss me off.

is it the way i'm sleeping? is there something i can put on my face overnight?

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I wish I could help out... Idk what thats about, I actually have the problem the other way around... I look terrible all through out the day/night but when I first wake up my skin looks good and calm. =/ It's weird and also depressing because I wake up and I'm happy w/ what I see but then I go in the bathroom an hour or two later and it's disgusting again.....

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Maybe when you cleanse at night, you're irritating your skin, except it takes a while for it to show? That would explain why your skin looks irritated in the morning, at least.

Toothpaste is really harsh, doesn't this damage the skin? And baking soda, while good, has a gritty texture and it can be overused.

Maybe you should tone down your regime and see how things work out.

Like everyone else has said, my skin looks best in the morning before I shower. It also looks great after I apply my make-up. At night it looks the worst.

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