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Can I get a Tattoo while on Accutane!??

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I have an appointment with an amazing tattoo artist that is impossible to get inked by. Well, i am going into the city September 24th-25th and i just started accutane on the 16th. By the time i would be getting the tattoo it will only have been a week. I have no side affects or dryness yet. Do you guys think it would be oaky for me to go ahead and get my tatttoo or should i wait :( thankkks. Is it bad to get a tattoo while on accutane.. i didn't see anything in the booklet about it and my dermo didn't mention anything..

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Guest missyjean130

Even its just a week in, it takes about a week or two for a tattoo to fully heal. The healing process will be affected by the tane.

Before I got my eyebrow tattoos I had to sign a paper saying I wasn't on tane (at the time)

It might be ok, just heal much slower.

I rather be safe than sorry though...

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I was reading the paper work my dr. gave me and it specifically said NO TATTOO during and for the six months after Accutane. I had my last tatt done 2 months ago and just started tane this week.


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ya it was pretty heartbreaking to find out that i couldn't get tats on the tane. so i had plans to get a new one right after tane was done, but then i found out you have to wait 6 months after. looks like i have to wait basically a year.

i have heard of people getting tats on tane though. some claim they had no problems and others definitely did have problems.

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I also don't recommend it. The medicine's side effects start right away. I know it's disappointing, but the risk of scarring or not healing properly are just not worth it. Best scenario, nothing out of the ordinary happens. Worst scenario, you shell out a bunch of money to get inked by this fabulous artist only to see the tattoo ends up looking like you've been hacked by a scratcher once it finally heals. Up to you.

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